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Falcon Marine
Air Signal Horns

Falcon air signal horns are the finest quality product you can buy. They have been the industries leader in this field for years. Today, Falcon's signal horns and cleaning dusters use one of two propellants - HFC152a or HFC134a, both of which are 100% NON-OZONE depleting.


Falcon Marine Push Button Signal Air HornFalcon Marine Push Button Signal Air Horn
The Falcon Push Button air signal horn (Model# PBSHN). For fog rescue or any emergency signaling the Falcon Push-Button Signal Horn has it all! The first choice for serious boaters it shouts out with a blast louder than any other push-button horn available is 100% ozone-safe non-flammable and guaranteed unbreakable! Removable horn for easy storage.
Meets U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for boats up to 65 (20 meters).

#SFAL-FSB5 $28.95

Falcon Push Button RefillFalcon Push Button Refill
Air Horn Refill Only: 8 oz. can (Model# PBSHNR)


Falcon Commander 4 Signal HornFalcon Commander 4 Signal Horn
The Falcon Commander 4 Chrome Signal Horn (Model# FC4N) is 100% Ozone-Safe and non-flammable the deluxe Falcon Commander-4 demonstrates the benefits of superior design and construction. Tested and proven to be the loudest gas-powered horn available Commander -4 features a chrome-plated valve trigger-operated for sure positive action and a polished chrome trumpet. Totally weatherproof with stainless steel diaphragm and rugged heavy-duty zinc alloy diecast for extra strength.
Meets U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for boats up to 65 (20 Meters).

#SFAL-FSB5C $44.95

Falcon Commander 4 RefillFalcon Commander 4 Refill
8 oz. can (Model# FNR)