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Weather Resources

This CD includes an extensive compilation of documents and graphics required for efficient weather planning and analysis underway. Several are original Starpath products but the majority is made up of public domain government documents made available to the public via the Internet and other outlets. In some cases, the computer files are the only versions available as the government has discontinued the print versions. We have compiled these, and in most cases reformatted them for more convenient presentation, and in a few cases removed obvious errors or typos. We have also created multi-document indexing which allows for full text searching and have build internal bookmarks for easy navigation within a series of documents.

We cannot take credit for the production of most of this basic data - it has been produced for mariners by US government agencies, funded by US tax dollars. Our goal was to compile what is needed and make it available to mariners in a convenient manner. We have seen too many vessels head offshore without this information simply because it was too difficult to track down the sources and obtain copies. Needless to say, we have included the latest versions of each document to the best of our knowledge.

In some cases the pages are regular web pages that we have converted to pdf files. These will still contain actual links to various related sites on the Internet, but these links will not work unless you are online. These links are not part of the product we are presenting here. All data that we perceived as needed for weather analysis has been included, but if you are online you may find some of the links interesting… or, in some cases, you can refer to the original sources where we obtained the information presented here.

The use of the documents is discussed briefly in the individual Readme links provided with each document. For more details, refer to the Starpath Weather Trainer. As of Aug, 2000 Weather Resources was included as part of the Weather Trainer product. If your Weather Trainer is older than that, this can be considered at upgrade or enhancement to that product. In other words, if you do not currently own Weather Trainer but want these Weather Resources, and have considered purchasing Weather Trainer, then remember that you get the complete set of Weather Resources with the Weather Trainer purchase at no extra charge.

These documents can all be viewed from the CD without installing them into your computer. A convenient indexed browser window serves as the main menu. Or you can install them into your computer for quicker access.

Elements include:
  • Worldwide Weather fax Schedules. Sample Contains all fax schedules from all stations worldwide, with times, frequencies, and products listed, along with related information on using the weather fax broadcasts
  • Complete searchable copy of Pub 117, Radio Navigation Aids
  • Contains all schedules and frequencies of all radio broadcasts in English useful for navigation, not just weather, worldwide, plus detailed explanations of emergency procedures, protocols, and frequencies. This is a must-have pub for world cruisers or professional mariners
  • Complete set of Marine Weather Services Charts (all US waters)
  • Another must-have publication for US coastal waters
  • Example of each type of WX fax map with explanations from the actual MPC forecasters who make the maps
  • NWS Handbook No.1, which includes among other things...
  • — All weather map symbols
  • — Extensive cloud atlas
  • — Illustrated Beaufort sea states
  • — Interesting discussion of old saying (*)
  • Phone, fax, and email of all Hydrographic Offices, worldwide
  • Usually the best source for local information on charts, tides, currents, and weather
  • Complete list of VHF, MF, and HF marine radio frequencies
  • All USCG communications frequencies and more...

  • (*) The Weather Trainer has more detailed explanations of the sayings that are useful underway, but there are nevertheless very interesting notes in this reference.

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