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Thunderbolt Storm Detector
Weekend Warrior PRO

Advanced computer technology puts storm detection and tracking in the palm of your hand! Easy to read LCD display, visual and audible warning, automatic estimate of storm speed & arrival in the area, and instant read-out of storm range and intensity!

Speedtech Thunderbolt Storm DetectorFeatures:
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Visual & audible warning
  • Shock proof & weatherized for rugged use
  • Automatic estimate of storm speed & arrival in the area
  • Instant read-out of storm range and intensity
  • Squall line and severe storm cell detection
  • Automatic background noise analysis and filtering
  • Automatically Displays: storm approach speed, E.T.A. at user location, & strike probability
  • Connector for external alarm
  • User selectable warning modes and frequencies
  • Comes with wall bracket and AC adapter

  • Specifications:
  • ACCURACY: Storm Detection 100%, Approach Speed +/- 10%, Storm Range +/- 5% at 30 miles (+/- 10% at 60 miles)
  • WARNING MODES: Text messages via 4x16 LCD
  • POWER: 120 AC adapter or one 9V batter (50+hrs) Red LED warning light / Audible tone
  • MEASURES: 3.4 x 6.4 / 9cm x 16.5 cm
  • WEIGHS: 14.5 oz

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