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The sailing simulator the critics called "definitive," "amazing," and "the best yet" is now better than ever. SAIL 2000 features the same breathtaking SVGA graphics, ease of use, and incredibly accurate sailing model that made SAIL 95 an instant success. Among its new features, SAIL 2000 includes head-to-head competition so you can race a friend, coastal scenery so you can see where you're going, and results history so you can see where you've been.

Features Include:
  • New: Head-to-head play via same computer, network, or modem
  • New: Coastal Scenery
  • New: Results Log
  • New: 1997 Rules update
  • Stunning 1024 by 768 256 color photorealistic grahics
  • Incredibly accurate aero and hydrodynamic sailing model
  • Fully 3D virtual reality simulator
  • High quality sound and stereo music
  • Flexible configuration of all race options
  • Detailed wind and weather modeling
  • Sophisticated opponent artifical intelligence

  • For the ultimate challenge, race a human opponent on either a single computer or using a remote network or modem connection.

    SAIL 2000 includes a complete users guide which covers simulator operation and provides in depth explanations of sailing theory, weather, racing tactics, strategies, and rules of the race course.

    SAIL 2000 is the most advanced sailing simulator ever built for the Windows operating system.

    Screen ShotThe SAIL 2000 model deviates less than two percent from actual competitive International America's Cup Class yacht designs. This accuracy is achieved for all points of sail and in all wind conditions from two to thirty knots.

    The spectacular graphics and quality sound of SAIL 2000 make it highly appealing to the computer user wanting state of the art simulation. Experienced sailors will appreciate the accuracy and full nature of the simulation, while non-sailors will find SAIL 2000 easy to learn while still being fun and challenging. This is a great gift.

    The simulator uses actual International Sailing Federation racing rules to determine rights of way and even informs the player what rule number is in effect at any time. Sail 2000 also provides accurate weather simulation.

    System Requirements: 486DX or faster processor (Pentium recommended), 8 Mb RAM, 1 Mb SVGA video card, Ability to display 1024 x 768 resolution, Windows 3.1 or higher (Windows 95 required for remote play), Mouse. Includes both a 16 bit version for Windows 3.1 and a 32 bit version for Windows 95/98. Windows XP.

    No Longer Available


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