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Enjoy thousands of miles of racing
without losing sleep!

New! Compete in 11 different distance races, including Chicago to Mackinac, Vineyard, Chesapeake Governors Cup, Ft. Lauderdale to Key West. Emphasis is on strategy and boatspeed. Sail in a 20 boat fleet of offshore racers, sprit boats, racer-cruisers, catamarans, plus high performance ultra light sportboats. Interactive, animated tutorials teach the 2009-2012 Racing Rules, racing tactics and strategy.

PURPOSE: Experience ten different races of 70 to 350 miles in a variety of locations. You compete against a fleet of up to 20 wily competitors. You determine strategy and control course, sail selection, and mainsail shape of your boat, which responds very realistically to your commands. Prepare to race!Improve your skills by simulated experience and by online, interactive tutorials, which teach Strategy & Tactics and 2009-2012 Racing Rules.

FLEETS: Choose a one-design fleet from the Options Menu:
  • Offshore Racer: Hi tech, fast and very responsive to course and sail changes.
  • Sprit Boats: High performance boats with bowsprits and asymmetrical spinnakers.
  • Racer-Cruiser: Medium performance boats means more tactical racing and deeper downwind angles.
  • Catamarans: Very fast and very sensitive to strategic decisions.

  • For each boat type, you can select length (30 ft to 50 ft), displacement category, sail area and rig type (fractional or masthead).

    Boat behavior is realistic in response to your steering and sail trim as well as wind and waves. Behavior is based on extremely accurate performance calculation models that determine leeway, speed through the water, heel angle, etc.

    THE RACES: Selected for complex strategy often involving land affected winds and variable currents. Winds are the result of: Movement of weather systems, including frontal passages. Building and dying sea breeze or lake breeze or land breeze. Shoreline effects of convergence, divergence, and channeling. Every race is different every time!
  • In the Southern New England / New York area: Vineyard Race, Block Island Race, and Long Island Sound Triangle. Variable, reversing, but predictable tidal currents. Land is often on two sides causing changeable winds.
  • In the New England / Nova Scotia area: Marblehead to Halifax Race and Halifax to Gloucester Race. Strong Bay of Fundy currents and a long race with significant weather system movement.
  • Chesapeake Bay area: Governor's Cup, Annapolis to Bay Mouth, and Annapolis to Smith Point and Back. Changeable, land affected winds and tricky currents.
  • Great Lakes area: Chicago to Mackinac Race. Localized lake breezes and significant weather system movement.
  • Florida area: Ft Lauderdale to Key West Race and Miami to Nassau Race. The mighty Gulf Stream and shifty winds due to warm water.

  • REALISTIC 3D 360 "ROVING EYE" GRAPHICS: In the zoomable 3D Sailing View, you see your boat and all sails in fine detail, responding to adjustments and steering. You see the competition, nearby shores, buoys and racing marks, whitecaps, puffs on the water, etc. Catamarans: Very fast and very sensitive to strategic decisionsYou can easily look in any direction and see your sails from any angle without turning your boat. Optional windows can show a zoomable overhead view or a small, zoomable navigation chart.

    NAVIGATION CHART VIEW: The chart is zoomable and slidable like electronic charts, so you can look at large area charts or detailed charts of your racing area. It shows the position of your boat. The Chart View can be full screen or you can watch your boat's progress in a small chart window in the 3D Sailing View. Use the chart to avoid shoals and to set up to nine waypoints for your GPS. With waypoints you can have range & bearing information in the Sailing View.

  • 15 Levels of difficulty keep you on the learning curve and having fun. Difficulty impacts sailing conditions and determines opponent abilities so that even the best racers will be challenged.
  • Weather Forecast Display shows predicted wind for today and tomorrow. Usually right but, as in the real world, sea breezes can be a surprise. Also shown are times of current change and a history of wind direction after the race starts.
  • Current Chart (optional) shows current vectors (arrows) over the racing area. You can zoom in for more detail. You can page ahead in one-hour intervals to see future current.
  • Wind Chart (optional) shows wind vectors over the racing area. The arrows are color coded to show why the wind at any point differs from the average. You can zoom in for more detail.
  • Coach (optional) is always available to critique your sail trim, sail selection, strategy and tactics.
  • Instant Justice Protest Committee penalizes all offenders, tells the 2009-2012 Rule violated and it's number.
  • Ease of Use Features - Optional, easy mouse click steering. Optional tack, jibe, sail closehauled, and tack downwind commands. Extensive Help Screens. Options to give some jobs, like mainsheet control, to the computer. Hot keys and control buttons for frequently used commands.

  • For Windows 98 or better, including XP and Vista, and/or Macintosh OS X Intel-based or PPC. All are on one CD-Rom.

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