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OCENS.Mail is designed for satcomm or cellular customers who need access to fast and reliable email. Its compression and efficiency saves users both time and money: email transfers 20 times faster than through Outlook Express. In fact, OCENS.Mail is so effective that users generally spend considerably less using this fee-based service than they do using free internet-based email systems. Three- month ($72), six-month ($120), or 12-month ($220) service plans are available direct from OCENS. OCENS.Mail is supported by OCENS professionals with years of experience with satcomm systems and wireless data services. Some of Mail’s key features:
  • Works with your existing email application
  • Full support of attachments and HTML messages
  • Scans every email sent and received for viruses
  • Users can limit the size of files they are willing to receive
  • Access your account over land lines via the web
  • Works with cell phones, Globalstar, Iridium, HF/Pactor, Inmarsat (except C)
  • Full technical support

  • OCENS.Mail includes Software and First Term Activation.

    OCENS.Mail (.pdf)

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