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Version 8.0 with Bathymetry

OCENS GRIB Explorer offers unprecedented access to the power of GRIB data. GRIB, short for Gridded Binary, data is a unique form of weather and ocean data heretofore the exclusive province of ocean racers, shipping lines, and routing companies running sophisticated and expensive software packages. With a simple interface operating in synchrony with the streamlined data access engine of OCENS WeatherNet, GRIB Explorer levels the playing field.

Why GRIB Data?
GRIB data is special because of its size, information content, and versatility of use. Generated by weather and ocean models operating on national, regional and sometimes global scales, GRIB files associate an environmental variable with a geographic position. Because the resulting file consists of just a collection of these points they are extremely small and thus readily transferred over bandwidth limited satcoms, cell phones and other wireless devices. And the information content of GRIB data is awe-inspiring. Almost every conceivable weather and ocean data variable is available in GRIB format. Surface pressure, wind, waves, swell, cloud cover, precipitation, sea temperature, currents, salinity, even sub-surface temperatures and mixed layer depths are available in GRIB format. In many cases, spatial resolutions reach as low as to 0.1 degree lat/lon and are available on a global basis. Lastly, the weather variables are forecasted out to 120 hours and longer so it is possible to use the data to view weather anticipated several days in advance.

Simple and Intuitive:
OCENS GRIB Explorer is easy to use with a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface, GRIB Explorer places the power of GRIB data at your fingertips. Double-click on the GRIB file you have downloaded and it will instantly display your data in a very dynamic graphical format. The display can easily be changed to show contours lines, color filled contours, arrows or wind barbs, and even data point values. All of this allows relevant weather or ocean features to become much more evident.

Never be without data:
OCENS offers today's definitive weather delivery engine, WeatherNet. With over 20,000 GRIB files, WeatherNet carries the world's largest collection of GRIB weather and ocean data. Not only is the collection robust, but the WeatherNet delivery service drops those files onto your computer just seconds after your request through any satcomm, cell phone or wireless device. Once delivered, the synergy between OCENS WeatherNet and OCENS GRIB Explorer is clearly evident. Upon closing WeatherNet's File Transfer screen, GRIB Explorer launches immediately and begins to process and display your downloaded GRIB data. If you've downloaded a point forecast for a given GRIB variable, that file is displayed by itself. But if you've downloaded a series of forecasts, say from the analysis of present conditions out to 120 hours, GRIB Explorer kicks into animation mode automatically to put the weather in motion like you've never seen before.

OCENS GRIB Explorer places you at the cutting edge of weather information processing. Buy it now and put to use the best available weather and ocean data for the critical decisions affecting your navigation and trip planning. OCENS GRIB Explorer (.pdf)

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