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North U Weather for Sailors - 2nd Ed. CD-ROM

North U Weather for Sailors By Bill Biewenga With 320,000 sea miles and 17 years of weather routing under his belt, Bill Biewenga shares his vast knowledge in Weather for Sailors. Starting with the big picture of global weather, he gradually focuses in on regional and local weather to give readers the tools to gather, understand, analyze, evaluate, update and apply weather information. Numerous examples and hundreds of illustrations provide insight into sailing weather, and show how to apply weather info to day sailing, buoy racing, cruising, passage making, and distance racing. Weather for Sailors will make you an active part of creating your own sailing forecast. #BNUWS $25

North U Weather for Sailors CD The Weather for Sailors seminar on CD includes all the course materials, including illustrations, photos, and animations, used to teach the North U Weather for Sailors seminar. In addition, the CD features a voiceover by the author, Bill Biewenga. A fast and easy way to really understand weather and make your own forecasts far more accurate. Runs on PC and Mac (NOT Lion compatible). #ENUWS $49

#BENUWS List Price $49.00Only $39.95