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EchoMax EM 180
Radar Reflector

Due to demand for an Echomax for smaller boats, we are pleased to announce the availability of the EM 180 radar reflector based on the proven John Firth patented stacked symmetrical array with peak responses of 8m2. We have utilised the largest possible array with the smallest possible robust polyethylene case with minimum windage and weight. The EM 180 is suitable for deck, mast mount fixing, or halyard suspension and is available in white, orange, black, yellow, and new colour khaki.

Height: 477mm (overall)
Width: 197mm (overall)
Fixing Centres: 438mm
Fixings: 2 x 8mm stainless eyelets
Weight: 1.4kg

may require EchoMax EM180 Radar Reflector Mast bracket set sold separately (EM180MB)

EchoMax EM180 Radar Reflector
#SEM180 List Price $226.00Only $199.95

Stainless steel mast mounting bracketStainless steel mast mounting bracket
Stainless steel mast mounting bracket specifically designed for the EM180.

Constructed of pressed and polished stainless steel sheet metal that becomes rigid when mounted to the mast and to the EM180. Before installation they can be easily bent and formed to accommodate most any surface or diameter pole.

Stainless steel mast mounting bracket
#SEM180MB $39.95