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PowerTAC E9 LED Flashlight
features 1020 Lumens

The PowerTac E9 is the ultimate everyday carrying light. The compact E9 produces an amazing 1020 lumen maximum light output with 2 CR123A or 2 RCR123A (CR123 batteries included). The E9 also serves as true tactical light that can be weapon mounted or hand held. It's durability, shock resistance and rugged build quality make the E9 top choice for professionals.

E9 specifications: Utilizes a CREE XM-L2 latest LED that enables the E9 to produce an amazing 1020 lumen at the brightest level and strobe setting. 4 different brightness modes for different lighting needs and different battery run-time. Produces a long throw up to 253+ meters combined with an impressive flood light to illuminate objects at both long and close distances. Intelligently designed friendly user interface for tactical and self defense uses, integrated easy and simple side switch for quick change of functions. Unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance. Protects electronics against damage caused by improper battery installation through a reverse polarity protection circuit. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum. Maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish. Resists water damage by a precision O-ring sealed design to provide reliable use in extreme conditions. Tempered glass resists breakage or scratching on impact, double-sided coating maximizes light output. Preserves LED and electronic components with a superior heat sink designed for quick & better heat dispersion. Incorporates a built-in removable pocket clip. Includes a high quality holster designed to fit belts of various sizes. Defends against physical attack with a crenelated bezel on both the head and tail cap for self defense uses. Advanced ergonomic design with anti-slip knurling and matte style finish for firm grip. Stand on tail cap to serve as lamp. Weapon mountable with optional remote pressure switch.

Power on/off switch press the push button half way for momentary on.
Press the bush button completely (click) to turn on the flashlight. The light will stay on until the push button is pressed fully to turn off
To switch functions: Loosen and tighten the head for next stages from firefly to low, medium, high and strobe

The E9 has a safety circuit to protect the driver and the LED from overheating.

Simple User interface: Just loosen and tighten head for next stage with memory. Forward click for momentary on

PowerTAC E9 LED Flashlight
#NPTE9 $104.95

Red FilterRed Filter
Red light is most often used to enhance, or more properly, not harm night vision. Red light provides great contrast and is not visible to the human eye over long distances. It also works well with night vision scopes and goggles. Photographers use red colored light when doing night-time photography because it provides contrast while preserving the natural shadows developed by darkness. Red light cuts through smoke better than white light and, with the exception of red lines and marks on maps and charts, it makes reading in low, or no, light possible. Police and military units like the red LED for night operations because it will not interfere with night vision technology and cannot easily be picked up by other people. Fits Cadet and E5.