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DrSails 265 ml Adhesive

DrSails is an epoxy adhesive developed to repair and mount various applications on a sailboat. It can be used to glue fiber glass, carbon, metal, wood, wetsuit and can even be used to repair sails.

What makes DrSails unique is the fact that is stays flexible and therefore is shock-resistant. It can also be applied on wet surfaces or even under water.

DrSails is a 2-component adhesive that will be mixed by the unique nozzle and therefore it is always ready to use.

Key Features:
  • Fast: It has a curing time of 22 min at water and air temperature (test temperature 22C to 25C).
  • Flexible: 4.5MPa flexural strength (ISO 178). Flexible as a PU, structural as an epoxy.
  • Structural: Reaches over 200kg/cm2. Ideal for bonding a full range of materials such as metals, wood, composites, sailcloth, wetsuit and plastics.
  • Underwater: Bonds under fresh, salty or even sparkling water. It also bonds under fuel or gasoline.
  • Working time: 8 minutes.
  • Chemical resistance: Resists most of commercial chemical reagents. To be removed is necessary to apply mechanical methods.
  • Elongation: 108% at elastic limit and 160% in pseudoplastic behavior.
  • Working temperature: Tested ranged from -9 to 60C.
  • Degradation temperature: 385C.
  • Shelf life: 36 months.

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