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Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Dock & Bay Beach Towel

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Dock & Bay Beach Towel


Dock & Bay combines all the best features of a beach towel & a travel towel in an absorbent lightweight. quick-drying and stylish that absorbs water 4x fater and dries 2x faster than a standard terry-cloth towel.

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Dock & Bay combines all the best features of a beach towel & a travel towel in an absorbent lightweight. quick-drying and stylish that absorbs water 4x fater and dries 2x faster than a standard terry-cloth towel.

Includes: Soft cotton carrying bag for easy storage & transport
Elastic Hook for hanging off the ground

Perfect For:
Boat, Beach, Yoga, Pilates, Gym, Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Pond, Lake, Pool, Swimming, Camping, Familes & More.

Towel Size: Extra Large 78-In x 35-In (200cm x 90cm)
Pouch Size: 11-In x 6-In (28cm x 15cm)
Prod. Weight: 1.1 lbs (485g)



Absorbent. Lightweight. Quick Dry. Stylish.

All Dock & Bay towels are made from high quality 220gsm suede microfiber, making them soft to touch and super absorbent. Our microfiber is a mix of 80% polyester & 20% polyamide, giving to a plush feel, while staying thin and compact. We love microfiber because it really is so practical and convenient for use when traveling or getting out and about.

Microfiber is a lightweight material - about 50% the weight of a cotton towel equivalent. The fibers absorb about twice their own weight in water and suck the moisture off your skin.

Most importantly, our towels are quick drying - testing shows that microfiber dries under normal conditions about twice as fast as cotton.

We like to say.... Microfiber Towels with CHARACTER

Size does matter! Dock & Bay towels are really big, and also.... really small. Here's how.

We think that when you use a towel at the beach, traveling or by the pool - wherever you are - it should be big enough to wrap around you, lie on from head to toe, or stretch out on. This is why you'll find our beach and active ranges come in Extra Large 200x90cm / 78x35", and Large 160x80 / 63x35". These are the biggest towels around - and rightly so!

Importantly, every Dock & Bay towel arrives packed down small into a soft cotton pouch, perfect for transporting your towel or putting your personal belongings in when the towel is in use. Our stylish pouch is the difference between a bog-standard travel towel - and a Dock & Bay towel.

Not too heavy, not too light

Just right! These towels won't be taking up too much room in your bag, or weigh it down.

Ok, here's the facts.

Extra Large - 500g / 1.1lbs

We truly love this product & And we know you will too.

We originally made our towels because we want to use them, and we do - every day. With thousands of seriously happy customers across the world, the positive reviews give us the drive we need to keep on improving, creating and innovating.

Dock & Bay brings you bright, fun and fashionable towels - you'll be the envy of the beach, the hostel, the pool, the yoga'll be the envy of your friends and family, where ever you are!


What are the benefits of a microfiber towel?

The benefits are numerous, that's why us travelers love them. They are lightweight & absorbent, yet dry extra quick. They will take up minimal space in any bag and won't hold those bad smells like a cotton towel. On top of that, our towels and pouches look great wherever you take them!

How come my towel feels different to what I expected?

We like to be open and honest about all our products and we know that if you're used to cotton towels, this will feel like a change when drying. We personally think change is refreshing and we're sure you will quickly get used to the feel and countless benefits of a microfibre towel. If you're still not sure, get in touch, we'll be glad to talk more about it!

How should I wash my towel?

We recommend washing your towel at maximum 30-40ÁC. But remember...don't use fabric softener when washing, as it can destroy the effectiveness and durability of the fibers. Microfiber prefers not to be tumble dried, it's too hot in there! If absolutely necessary to tumble dry, we recommend a low heat and to use infrequently.

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