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Dock and Tow Lines

Whether you're a professional dinghy racer or a casual power boater, you always want to have a stock of dock lines and tow lines on hand. Landfall® supplies all types of boaters and marine athletes with high-tech boating line that's appropriate for helping you dock, tow, store and transport your boat. Economical dock lines and tow lines by top rope makers are sure to keep you safe and secure while on board.

This type of line is lightweight and stretchy. Most of these options are designed to float - especially important while towing and tossing rope from boat to boat - and won't get lost or sink while in use. Pre-spliced dock lines from New England Ropes come with an eye in one end, so they are ready to secure to the boat or dock. These dock lines come in a variety of lengths and diameters to meet your specific needs. If you aren't sure which kind to buy, don't hesitate to contact Landfall® toll-free at 800-941-2219 or send us an e-mail.