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Lightning Master
Static Dissipator

Lightning Master Static Dissipators lower the exposure to a direct lightning strike by controlling the conditions which trigger direct strikes (i.e. they reduce the buildup of static ground charge and retard the formation of the ion "streamers" which complete the path for a lightning strike.

The Dissipater employs the point-discharge principal to continually leak off the lightning causing ground potential in low amperage dissipation over a long period of time instead of the short duration, high amperage discharge occurring with a lightning strike.

This is the same technology from the same manufacturer which is successfully employed to protect commercial broadcast and television towers from direct lightning strikes.

We do not claim that this product is 100% effective in preventing a lightning strike. At the present collective level of understanding of the lightning phenomenon, one can make that claim. This product, however, does control the causes of lightning strikes and thereby reduces the incidence of direct strikes.

This light-weight (5.2 oz.) 21" long Dissipater mounts to the masthead and extends vertically above all other masthead equipment.

Lightning Master Static Dissipator
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