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Dinghy Spray Gear

Engineered and tested exclusively for small boat sailors, this lineup of dinghy spray gear from Landfall® includes lightweight, waterproof dinghy apparel that provides exceptional protection on small boats where the likelihood of sea spray is higher than it is in larger boats. Dinghy gear should always be protective, breathable and comfortable without limiting your range of motion, so most of this spray gear is made of optimal stretch material that moves with you. Whether you’re looking for a softshell spray top or dinghy salopettes, Landfall® has the dinghy apparel you need.

  • Musto Aqua Top

    Musto Aqua Top

    Code: MUSO0050
  • Musto Jr. Aqua Top

    Musto Jr. Aqua Top

    Code: MUKS005J0
  • Zhik AroShell Smock

    Zhik AroShell Smock

    Code: MZSMOCK301
  • Henri Lloyd Energy Dinghy Smock

    Henri Lloyd Energy Dinghy Smock

    Fully water proof with excellent neck and wrist seals as well as a neoprene waste band to prevent water ingress. Our most economical Spray top with new great colors and styling for 2015!!!
    Code: MHY00343

Shop high-performance spray gear collections by Musto, Zhik, Henri Lloyd, Magic Marine and SLAM to find race smocks, spray tops, salopettes, trousers, and jackets for dinghy racing and high-activity day sailing. Waterproof and windproof fabrics don’t skimp on stretch to ensure that you get complete freedom of motion while operating the boat, while breakthrough features like splash-proof zippers and Velcro fasteners work to keep you super dry. Questions? Call us anytime at 800-941-2219 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about dinghy gear.