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White Nylon
Yacht Braid
Deployment Rode

Generally, we recommend 600' foot rodes for the Fiorentino Sea Anchor or ParaTech Sea Anchor, and 350-foot rodes for the Fiorentino Para-Ring Drogue and Galerider Drogue. Sea anchors may need up to ten times your boat length, depending on the sea state. The object in deploying your Galerider is to set it in the second sea following your vessel with enough -- but not too much -- stretch in the tow line. Because drogues rotate while towing, three-strand twist nylon line can unlay and has too much stretch. 350 feet of double braid (yacht braid) is usually about right, although under severe circumstances you might need 600 feet. The deployment rodes we offer come complete with
  • heavy-duty stainless steel thimble spliced in, and a
  • heavy-duty stainless steel screw pin shackle.

  • Choose the size that will best serve you as an emergency storm anchor rode, keeping in mind that with either usage, chafe is your major enemy. Err in favor of the larger size. Yachts with LOA over 30' using a sea anchor can order longer lengths.

    Breaking Strength:
    5/8" - 14,400 lbs * 3/4" - 17,100 lbs * 1" - 32,000 lbs

    White Nylon Rode

    White Nylon Rode 5/8" x 350'White Nylon Rode 5/8" x 350'
    #SGDR1 $495.00

    White Nylon Rode 3/4" x 350'White Nylon Rode 3/4" x 350'
    #SGDR2 $595.00

    White Nylon Rode 1" x 350'White Nylon Rode 1" x 350'
    #SGDR3 $995.00

    White Nylon Rode 5/8" x 600'White Nylon Rode 5/8" x 600'
    #SPDR1 $795.00

    White Nylon Rode 3/4" x 600'White Nylon Rode 3/4" x 600'
    #SPDR2 $995.00

    White Nylon Rode 1" x 600'White Nylon Rode 1" x 600'
    #SPDR3 $1,795.00