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Dan Hold Bracket

The Dan Hold is a convenient and functional holder, bracket, and mount for the SOS Dan Buoy MOB marker. It is designed to facilitate the quick deployment of the dan buoy while at the same time offering durability and installation flexibility to the boat owner. It is fabricated from Kydex-T, a high end plastic that is flexible yet very durable and weather- and UV light-resistant.

The material's flexibility is paramount as the two front flanges of the Dan Hold permit unimpeded withdrawal in an emergency deployment when every second is critical. The Dan Hold comes with four pre-drilled 3/16'' clearance holes to offer simple, easy bulkhead attachment or rail / stanchion / pulpit mounting (using brackets not included). Adaptable to a wide variety of mounting options, Kydex can be easily drilled so that alignment with other attachment strong points is easy.

#SOSDH $55.00