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Custom Dyneema Jacklines

Landfall’s Custom Jacklines are an elegant solution to the safety concerns presented when sailing off shore. Traditional jacklines stretch, which can result in a sailor being washed overboard, even if they are safely clipped in. Landfall’s Custom Jacklines are made with 6mm New England Ropes HTS 78 Dyneema, which is incredibly low stretch and high strength, to help keep sailors safely on the deck even in rough stormy conditions. We cover our jacklines with tubular polyester webbing to prevent ware, and keep the jacklines from roiling underfoot.

Landfall offers two types of terminations on its jacklines to make installation as easy as possible. The eye termination can be cow hitched onto a cleat or pad eye. The lashing termination has a length of 3mm HTS 78 spliced on which allows you to tie it on to a pad-eye, or other piece of hardware. It is adjustable and allows you to tighten the jack line to the desired level. The 3mm lashing line MUST make 3 complete passes from jack line to hardware and back to maintain proper breaking strength.

To determine the jackline length you need first determine where it will be installed and measure the required overall length. Next decide which type of termination you will use on each end. The eye termination adds 6”, and the lashing termination adds 8-16”. Landfall recommends one eye and one lashing termination. Subtract the termination lengths from your measured overall length, and the remaining length is your jackline body.

Be sure to correctly denote how you want each end of your Jackline to terminate.

Custom Jacklines - Price Per Foot
#HLFJL $2.04
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