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Cold Weather Sailing Gloves

Stay warm in nippy temps with cold-weather gloves from Landfall®. These are the best gloves for cold weather sailing, racing, coaching and offshore adventures where you want to prevent the skin from cold water and air exposure. If you're offshore on high frostbite days, Landfall® has the appropriate cold weather waterproof dexterity gloves for your specific needs. We offer Musto gloves, Atlas Gloves and Gill gloves in our huge selection. Rescue gloves, water-resistant gloves, waterproof gloves and more make excellent extreme cold weather gloves for wet environments.

  • Gill Helmsman Gloves

    Gill Helmsman Gloves

    Code: MG7803
  • NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves

    NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves

    Swiftwater rescue can be extremely cold and demanding work. That's why we made the NRS Rescue Glove extremely warm and tough. When lives are on the line, you'll want these gloves on your hands.
    Code: SNRS25032
  • Gill Neoprene Winter Glove

    Gill Neoprene Winter Glove

    Water-resistant * Aquafit™ cuff design making it quick and easy to use * Printed PU Hex™ palm providing excellent grip and durability in wet and dry conditions * 3mm neoprene with extended cuff for increased warmth
    Code: MG7672

Typically, sailing gloves have three fingers covered and two fingers exposed, whereas cold-weather sailing gloves cover all fingers and are made with thick, durable materials like neoprene or rubber. Added insulation provides long-term climate stability and warmth. We have full neoprene gloves, such as the Gill Neoprene Winter Glove with waterproof seams so water won't get through, that are some of the best cold weather gloves with dexterity. We also carry a few fully waterproof sailing gloves by Atlas as well as the best-selling NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves with a soft strip of fleece on the inner side of the hand for wiping the sweat from your brow and addressing runny noses during cold weather.