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Sextants on Consignment

Cassens & Plath SextantCassens & Plath Sextant
  • Serial Number: 32557
  • Whole Horizon Mirror
  • 4X and 6X Star Scope
  • prism Level

  • Cassens & Plath Sextant
    #NUS9 List Price $1,595.00Only $1,495.00

    1982 Tamaya Split Horizon Sextant1982 Tamaya Split Horizon Sextant
  • Split Horizon Marine Sextant
  • Brand: Tamaya
  • Model: Spica MS733
  • S/N: 42695
  • Original Users Manual included
  • Hard Black Plastic Case

  • 1982 Tamaya Split Horizon Sextant
    #NUS12 List Price $1,895.00Only $1,595.00

    Walker Excelsior Mark IV Patent TaffRail LogWalker Excelsior Mark IV Patent TaffRail LogWalker Excelsior Mark IV Patent Taff Rail Log complete with 2 "Spinners". This is a collector's item for someone who wants to "do it the old fashioned way".

    Purchase in Combination with US Navy MarkII Marine Sextant (NUS-14) and save!

    #NUS13 List Price $600.00Only $500.00

    Freiberger Marine SextantFreiberger Marine Sextant
  • East German Build
  • Brand: Freiberger
  • 4X Scope
  • S/N: 811564
  • Correction Chart included
  • Wooden Case

  • Freiberger Marine Sextant
    #NUS15 List Price $995.00Only $895.00

    CPlath Split Horizon SextantCPlath Split Horizon SextantS/N: 31875 Excellent Mirrors & Wooden Case in Very Good Condition Great price for the device.

    CPlath Split Horizon Sextant
    #NUS-16 List Price $1,295.00Only $995.00

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