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Sextants on Consignment

Cassens & Plath Sextant

  • Serial Number: 32557
  • Whole Horizon Mirror
  • 4X and 6X Star Scope
  • prism Level

  • Cassens & Plath Sextant
    #NUS9List Price $1,595.00Only $1,495.00

    1982 Tamaya Split Horizon Sextant

  • Split Horizon Marine Sextant
  • Brand: Tamaya
  • Model: Spica MS733
  • S/N: 42695
  • Original Users Manual included
  • Hard Black Plastic Case

  • 1982 Tamaya Split Horizon Sextant
    #NUS12List Price $1,895.00Only $1,595.00

    U. S. Navy Mark II Marine Sextant

    This is the Navigation Instrument that was used by the USN and Merchant Marine to fight World War II.

    This unique classic comes complete with telescope and one spare sun shade which is possibly damaged.
  • S/N 2681
  • 1940 manufacture by David White, Milwaukee, Wis

  • #NUS14List Price $799.00Only $699.00

    Walker Excelsior Mark IV Patent TaffRail Log

    Walker Excelsior Mark IV Patent Taff Rail Log complete with 2 "Spinners". This is a collector's item for someone who wants to "do it the old fashioned way".

    Purchase in Combination with US Navy MarkII Marine Sextant (NUS-14) and save!

    #NUS13List Price $600.00Only $500.00

    Freiberger Marine Sextant

  • East German Build
  • Brand: Freiberger
  • 4X Scope
  • S/N: 811564
  • Correction Chart included
  • Wooden Case

  • Freiberger Marine Sextant
    #NUS15List Price $995.00Only $895.00

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