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Going Coastal
New York City

ISBN: 9780823230242
Urban Waterfront Guide

by Barbara LaRocco

The best, most comprehensive guide to what is happening along NYC's more than 500 miles of coastline. Maps covering every mile of shoreline. How to subway, bike or boat to coastal hot spots. Assorted aquatic life, coastal facts, tides, weather, maritime timelines and environmental issues.

Going Coastal New York City helps you discover the beaches, boardwalks, historic sights, and marine attractions, as well as the limitless opportunities for waterside fun, dining, and adventure, in New York City. Designed for travelers and locals alike, it offers the best, most comprehensive information on what is happening along NYC’s 578 miles of coastline. A useful companion for hikers, bikers, anglers, kayakers, wildlife watchers, coastal conservationists, and maritime history buffs, it offers:
• Information on hundreds of shoreline access points and public waterfront areas
• National, state, and city parks, wildlife refuges, and natural areas
• Basic site information, such as location, type of parking, and the availability of boat ramps, fishing, swimming beach, trails, and restrooms
• A wide spectrum of water-based activities, including beachcombing, birding, boating, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, bicycling, hiking, camping, and fishing
• Harbor fortifications, historic ships, maritime monuments, museums, and other maritime heritage sites
• A list of great water festivals, annual events, and celebrations
• Detailed maps covering every mile of shoreline
• Assorted wildlife, flora and fauna, coastal facts, tides, weather, maritime time lines, and environmental issues
• Brief biographies of “Notable Nauticals”—persons whose actions affected the local waterfront
• Listings of resources and public transit to help travelers plan and enjoy their trips

320 pgs. Pub 2009.

Going Coastal New York City - 2nd Ed.
#BEN009 $25.00

North Eastern U.S.
North Eastern U.S.