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Coastal Anchor
with Para-Ring

The Fiorentino Para Anchor Coastal Anchor is a superior alternative for mariners who prefer a high-performance lightweight parachute with more strength than today's lighter built sea anchors. Dollar for dollar, this modern parachute sea anchor can't be beat!

Offshore Para-RingFiorentino's patented coastal anchor features a stainless steel Para-Ring designed like an under-water fin that effortlessly cuts and glides through the water. This means anchor rode slack is reduced, so the canopy is less likely to flatten or turn itself inside out! Plus, the unique weight design helps hold the canopy below the water's surface and away from dangerous breaking waves.FAST-PAK Stowage Bag

Pack away in two minutes or less with Fiorentino's Fast-PAK! All you do is roll it up like a sleeping bag and place everything in one bag...not two or three! Its intelligent design lets you keep it simple, so you can focus on cruising.

For sizing your anchor check out the Fiorentino Para Anchor Size Chart.

Included with your Anchor: Canopy Break Strength: 6,000 lbs. (Tensile strength based upon a 9' canopy)
  • Fast-PAK! Stowage Bag
  • Exclusive Stainless Para-Ring
  • High Quality Stainless Swivel
  • Expert Technical Support
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

  • (Anchor Rode and trip line not included.)

    Fiorentino Coastal

    Fiorentino Coastal  6' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 6' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_06 List Price $319.00Only $282.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 9' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 9' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_09 List Price $396.00Only $325.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 12' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 12' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_12 List Price $599.00Only $495.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 16' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 16' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_16 List Price $839.00Only $695.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 18' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 18' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_18 List Price $949.00Only $775.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 21' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 21' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_21 List Price $996.00Only $825.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 24' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 24' Para Sea Anchor

    #SFAC_24 List Price $1,369.00Only $1,125.00
    Vessel Info:

    Fiorentino Coastal 28' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 28' Para Sea Anchor
    Coast-28: Discontinued Check Out the
    28' Para Sea Anchor

    Fiorentino Coastal 34' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 34' Para Sea Anchor
    Coast-34: Discontinued Check Out the
    34' Para Sea Anchor

    Fiorentino Coastal 40' Para Sea AnchorFiorentino Coastal 40' Para Sea Anchor
    Coast-40: Discontinued Check Out the
    40' Para Sea Anchor