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Coastal Ocean Weather, Sea State & Medical Emergencies at Sea

An introduction to the factors governing the weather, currents, and surface waves in coastal waters extending seaward from the bays and estuaries to the edge of the continental shelf.

W. Frank Bohlen, Instructor (6 hour course)

Course Includes a 45 minute segment on Medical Emergencies at Sea

Coastal Ocean Weather, Sea State - Dates TBD

  • Course Overview
  • Topics Discussed
  • Certification
This course will focus on the relationships between small, transient weather phenomena and the large atmospheric high and low pressures systems these smaller systems live within.

Additional considerations will focus on the influence of the generated winds on the movement of coastal waters and how these winds and currents interact and symbiotically affect one another. As well as how the influence of the generated winds on the movement of coastal waters relatively affect tides, tidal currents, waves and sea state. The discussion on surface wind waves will provide a basis for the evaluation of wave/current interactions and the resulting sea state conditions as they affect small boat navigation.

For each subject area lectures introducing the topic will be supplemented by hands-on exercises and selected read-ahead materials allowing students to become familiar with the primary source materials used by professional navigators and routing software.
  • Sea Breeze
  • Thunderstorms
  • Squall lines
  • Forecast methods, and the relationships
  • Tides and Tidal currents and the generation
  • Surface Wind & Current Affect on Waves for and Sea State
Certification: Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Coastal Ocean Weather and Sea State

Notes: Handouts and guidance on read-ahead materials will be provided.