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Canadian Charts Removed From C-Map Products

Jeppesen would like to inform its customers that are boating on the west coast of Canada (British Columbia) that per contractual requirements with the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS),Jeppesen has removed select charts from its products that were derived from official Canadian paper charts in the area of the Strait of Georgia. At this time, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) considers that the conversion of these paper charts to digital form may be inadequate for use as source in digital navigation systems (including GPS Chart Plotters). To minimize the impact of this change, areas where charts were removed have been covered with smaller scale charts. Jeppesen will continue to work with CHS as well as with other source providers to provide high quality chart coverage for the Strait of Georgia area as soon as possible.

Download the PDF for Additional Information:

Jeppesen Marine reminds navigators that nautical chart information is constantly changing. National Hydrographic authorities periodically publish new and updated information and when received, Jeppesen Marine incorporates the updated information into new and existing products. These changes are available to our customers for purchase. Therefore, navigators should check their Jeppesen Marine chart products to make sure they have the most current version available.

If your charts are out-of-date, Jeppesen Marine strongly urges you to update them via Jeppesen Marine directly, or through authorized resellers.

Jeppesen Marine electronic charts are an aid to navigation designed to supplement, but not replace, the use of authorized government charts and publications, including Notices to Mariners. Marine Navigation Alert Marine Product Change Notices are published to inform users of errors in Jeppesen navigation products. They are distributed to affected Jeppesen users (shipping companies, OEMs, and other data users) and to registered marine customers receiving data products directly from Jeppesen. Notices are not distributed by Jeppesen to individual non-registered mariners, but are available to them on the Jeppesen Web site, . Different plotters and computer systems use and display Jeppesen data differently. Users should consult with their database update service provider for definitive information on whether their system is affected by this Notice.

Canadian Charts Removed From C-Map Products