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Club 420

Twenty years, the Club 420 was developed in response to the growing need for a more durable, high-performance, double-handed racing dinghy that could stand up to the rigors of club and collegiate programs. Ideal for crews ranging in size from 220-300 lbs., the Club 420 is manageable for sailors coming out of the Optimist class and enables young sailors to learn teamwork, trapeze and spinnaker techniques. The Club 420 is simple and safe for beginning sailors and yet challenging enough for collegiate champions. The Club 420 offers more learning opportunities than any other double-handed boat you can find. The Club 420 Class Association promotes events on the local, regional, and national levels in North America.

  • New molds: LaserPerformance has new molds for the entire production line of the Club 420. These improvements have produced a more uniform boat.
  • Harken™ hardware: Known worldwide as the strongest, most durable, best performing marine hardware available anywhere, at any price.
  • Plexus™ inside: Plexus™ is a new bonding material that is being used exclusively by LaserPerformance to bond the hull to the deck at both the rails, floor flanges and all other structural parts on the Club 420. The bonding material is stronger and significantly more elastic than traditional bonding materials. It increases the durability of the entire boat especially the critical hull deck joint.

  • length ft/m 13.90 4.24
    beam ft/m 5.50 1.68
    draft ft/m 2.95 0.90
    mainsail area ft²/m² 79.65 7.40
    jib area ft²/m² 30.14 2.80
    spinnaker area ft²/m² 95.00 8.83
    hull weight lb/kg 230.00 104.33
    capacity   1-2 people
    skill level   beg-adv
    race level   club-nat'l
    optimal weight lb/kg 220/300 100/136
    transport   trailer

    #HZC420 $8,650.00
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