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Mustang Lil' Legends 70
CHILD (30-50Lbs) USCG Type III PFD

MV3265 Children's Vests - Child
USCG Approved Type III (3)
for children from 30-50 lbs
  • WHITE / Pink
  • GRAY / Fluorescent Yellow-Green
  • CAMO

    Mustang's Lil' Legends innovative head pillow design is a multi-piece split foam flotation collar & heavy duty grab strap combined. It provides excellent support for back and shoulders, so a child floats face up horizontally on the surface, lessening the need to fight wave action. Additional features include the between-the-leg adjustable safety strap (aka Crotch Strap) for security on the infant and child models. Bright colors and accents for high visibility, these vests are high-quality, comfortable and relatively easy-wearing for active young sailors, whether babies, bosuns, or dinghy captains.

  • Mustang Lil' Legends 70 CHILD:   (30-50LBS) USCG Type III PFD
    #SMV3265 $39.95