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Marine Weather Log Book

by Lee Chesneau & Josiphine Longo

The new Marine Weather Log Book helps boaters record and understand weather information pertinent to enjoying safe and pleasant sailing, whether for weekend trips, week-long excursions, or ocean passages. This valuable addition to your onboard library includes Lee's keys to understanding important weather information including: How to read, interpret and document 24, 48 & 96-hour forecasts Interpretation and analysis of weather data for making the correct decision when trying to avoid bad weather Weekly log pages which make it easy for boaters to quickly document the NOAA/NWS weather information and weather fax bulletins they receive Information on how to read and understand clouds, systems and fronts Weather tracking, chart reading (complete with symbols and their abbreviations), and sea-state terminology including the Beaufort Scale Helpful weather terms and definitions. 75 pgs. Pub 2010.


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