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Chart Magnifier
3" Dome

A magnifying "dome" is quite unique. It is able to create a high magnification in a small area due to its shape. It offers optical clarity by gathering light. In fact, several people will be able to view the subject at the same time!

Chart Magnifier 3'' DomeThe Chart Magnifier glides effortlessly across any surface. The dome is scratch resistant and light weight. It's style is sleek, is completely unadorned, and perfectly clear. It has no casement to interfere with vision and it covers a large area for it's size (only the center of a normal magnifying glass is usable).

Our Chart Magnifier is 3" in diameter and has a powerful, four times (4X) magnification. It comes with a velvet, drawstring storage bag which doubles as a polishing pouch, and clear gift box packaging. Great for other uses such as: Detailers, Photographers, Hobbyists, Map Reading, Coins, Charts & X-Rays.

Chart Magnifier
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