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Charlie's Charts Ship's Log

The Ship’s Log is a new addition to the Charlie’s Charts line of cruiser’s books. We are quite happy with it as are the folks out there using it underway. It is the result of years of searching for a ready made log book without a bunch of useless stuff, but with all the right stuff a cruiser needs on a daily basis, whether sail or power. We simply couldn't find one so we made own down to earth, simple to use perfect log book.

Our log does not have a gold embossed cover, an engraved brass plate with your boat name or a varnished teak storage box. It does have a plastic cover, comb binding so it will lay flat, and is divided into the following sections:
  • A few pages of intro and ‘how to’ use the log book
  • A quick metric conversion chart
  • 4 pages of Vessel info and crew log (passport numbers, dates on-board, emergency numbers)
  • 4 pages of the Fuel Log
  • 4 pages of the Fishing Log

    182 pages of daily journal/note taking space faced by a passage log with position, navigation info, weather conditions and underway engine details – 12 entries per page.

    We find that this layout is perfect for hourly entries, or at the watch change, whether coastal cruising or passage-making. We’re sure you will too.

  • Charlie's Charts Ship's Log
    #BL025 $30.00