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The Charles W. Morgan
A picture History of
an American Icon

Mystic Seaport, in collaboration with The Day, presents a new book chronicling the history and recent voyage of the Charles W. Morgan, Americaís last surviving wooden whaleship. Built and launched in 1841, the Morgan is Americaís oldest commercial ship still afloat and an icon of the nationís maritime heritage.

The 144-page coffee table book is a photographic account of the story of the American whale fishery, the Morganís career as an active whaleship, as a museum exhibit, and her recent restoration and historic 38th Voyage. The book's stunning images are selected from the Museumís collections and from work by the Museumís photographers, who accompanied the whaleship during her latest voyage. Pub 2014. 144 pages.

The Charles W. Morgan Book
#BT030 $39.95