C.G. Bronze
10 Ga. Saluting Cannon

This 10 Ga. CG Cannon was developed and built for the US Navy. The original units (2) are aboard the USS Anzio CG-68 Guided Missile Cruiser. They are being used as saluting mounts, replacing the old 40 mm batteries previously used onboard US Navy ships. This model is available on a aluminum pedestal base or a teak carriage, and both feature the bronze barrel Length 24" / Weight 6 lbs. Ideal starting and ceremonial cannon for yacht & country clubs. These cannons fire 10 GA Black Powder Blank Shells.

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Teak Carriage Unit200.103
Weight 23 lbs.


Winch Mounted Unit200.104

aka. Yoke mount


All Bronze Unit200.101
  • Height 12"
  • Weight 23 lbs
  • Diameter @ Base 9"

  • #MCGCB$2,860.00

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