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Rigger’s Ceramic Knife

A ceramic folding knife has particular appeal due to the need to cut high tech lines containing Kevlar, Dyneema, Vectran and other tough materials. The knifes design uses a sheep-foot point to reduce the possibility of an accidental deep wound on a tossing vessel. This ceramic pocketknife again has a blade length of just under 3” to satisfy most regulations about concealed knives.

Black Onyx ceramic blade is super sharp and stays that way.

Titanium handle and marlin spike with shackle tool.

Folded it measures 3 Ύ” and has a handle width of only 3/8”. Produced with a pocket clip and two sided thumb stud for one hand knife opening.

Note: Knife blade not intended for prying or other function other than cutting.

Ceramic Sailors Knife
#SKCER $79.95

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