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Introduction to Celestial Navigation

The first of two consecutive courses are offered which will put the new student of celestial navigation on the path to proficiency in this time honored, defining skill of the competent sailor. No sailor going offshore should be without this knowledge. Even the U.S Navy has re-introduced celestial navigation as a core-competency at the Naval Academy in recognition of the need for redundant capabilities in the event of technical failure, accident or war.

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Receive a 10% discount toward your next Landfall purchase, upon course completion. Restrictions apply.

Introduction to Celestial Navigation
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Introduction to Celestial Navigation will explain the history, theory and practice of navigating by celestial bodies. While time limitations will not result in mastery of the subject, the concepts will be fully explained, allowing the aspiring navigator to pursue celestial navigation independently in further detail or be prepared for the intermediate course.

Course Format: One Day - Seven Hours, 30 minute lunch break
  1. History of development from classical times to the Vikings and to the first tables of declination
  2. Basic astronomy
  3. Basic terms of art such as GHA, LHA, meridian altitude, azimuth, mean time and LAN
  4. Explanation of the Nautical Almanac and fixing geographic position of bodies
  5. The sextant
  6. Time and longitude
  7. The navigational triangle
  8. Latitude sailing using the noon sight
Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Basic Celestial Navigation

  • Air Navigation Tables Publication 249, Volume 3 , Latitudes 39-89
  • 2018 Nautical Almanac, Government or Commercial Version
  • Bring a sextant if you have one, Instructor will have two sextants available.
  • All items are available from the Landfall website