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Winter/Spring 2018

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Advanced Celestial Navigation

The second of two consecutive courses are offered which will put the new student of celestial navigation on the path to proficiency in this time honored, defining skill of the competent sailor. No sailor going offshore should be without this knowledge. Even the U.S Navy has re-introduced celestial navigation as a core-competency at the Naval Academy in recognition of the need for redundant capabilities in the event of technical failure, accident or war.

Advanced Celestial Navigation
Winter/Spring 2018

Date TBD: 

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Advanced Celestial Navigation is the practical application of navigational principals to find position at sea. The course will do real sight-reductions and fixes using sights taken on recent passages to and from Bermuda, the Caribbean and the United States mainland by the instructor.
  1. Correcting a sight to find altitude of a body
  2. Understanding and using the Nautical Almanac to fix celestial bodies (sun, moon, planets, stars)
  3. Calculating Local Hour Angle
  4. Using LHA and declination to enter the reduction tables for calculated altitude and azimuth of the body
  5. Plotting the intercept and line of position of the vessel
  6. Real examples of integrating ship’s-log dead-reckoning with sights to produce running fixes
  7. Doing a noon fix
  8. Three star fix with selected stars, H.O. 249 Volume 1
  9. Using the moon
  10. Planning the navigator’s daily routine on a passage; ideal azimuths for the vessel’s course
Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Advanced Celestial Navigation

Handouts and will be provided in class.

Date TBD

One (1) Day - Seven (7) Hours