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 2017 Sailing Calendars

The Calendar of Wooden BoatsThe Calendar of Wooden Boats2017 Calendar Wooden Boats
The 2017 Calendar of Wooden Boats continues to set the highest standards of quality and tradition for wooden-boat enthusiasts around the world. The 2017 edition features 12 new images by Benjamin Mendlowitz, one of the top marine photographers working in the world today.

Sailboats, open boats, powerboats and workboats are captured in brilliant color and are beautifully reproduced in this elegant wall calendar. Insightful and entertaining captions are provided by wooden-boat expert Maynard Bray. 12" x 12" closed. 12" x 24" open.

#BLWBC $16.95

Ultimate Sailing CalendarUltimate Sailing Calendar
Sharon Green presents the 2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar. Hanging from helicopters and clinging to chase boats, Sharon Green shoots to thrill. She knows how to freeze the action and preserve its energy in a single frame.

The Midas touch of afternoon sun turns a VOR 60 golden. Flashy swirls and stripes dissect the sky as TP52s muster at a start. A Soto 40 charges toward the viewer like an angry bull beneath a fiery red spinnaker. The 2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar explodes in a carnival of hues and excitement. Twelve months of bold and stunning photographs are showcased in a generous 18 by 24-inch format. With images from Sardinia to the Canary Islands, Hawaii to Antigua - the 2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar sparks with color, action and zest. A tempest of foam explodes from beneath a super yacht ... a 470 crew is enveloped in spray ... a yacht shoots like an arrow through the raging Molokai Channel. This is Ultimate Sailing. Calendar includes 24 photographs, 2 for each month. 18" x 12 closed. 18" x 24" open.

#BLUSC $25.95

SAIL CalendarSAIL Calendar
The 2017 SAIL 'Around the World' Wall Calendar is a year-long celebration of sailing in all its beauty, spirit, and excitement. 2017 SAIL 'Around the World' CalendarEach month features outstanding sailing shots taken by some of the finest sailing photographers in the sport. Whether you enjoy cruising, racing, chartering or daysailing, you'll find something inside the SAIL Calendar that best conveys your favorite part of the sport. The editors of SAIL, the world's best selling sailing magazine, hand-picked these images with one thing in mind... creating an undeniable favorite sailing calendar to be enjoyed year round. 14" x 11" closed. 14" x 22" open.

Not Printed for 2017


Sailing World CalendarSailing World Calendar
Best of Dr. Crash: 2017 Wall Calendar
Sailing World's doctor of disaster recently returned from an international sabbatical, beaming with excellent news. Racecourse calamity rates are at an all-time high, he reports, and never before has he witnessed such pandemonium on the water. To quash all doubters, he collected an abundance of hard evidence - photographic proof that crashes, dumps, wipe outs, broaches, and many other maladies still plague sailboat racers worldwide. 2017 Sailing World CalendarThe Doc promptly called his publisher and before we could spare our friends further public humiliation, his fourth Best of Dr. Crash calendar was rolling through the presses. 14" x 11" closed. 14" x 22" open.
Be careful what you do in front of a photographer, the Doc warns us. You could be next!

Not Printed for 2017


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