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The Club 420 is the premier double-handed boat for junior sailing and junior race training in North America. Because it's similar to the 420s used by scholastic and collegiate sailing teams, the Club 420 remains one of the most popular boats for club level sailing. You always want to ensure that your Club 420 is running smoothly with this selection of performance enhancing Club 420 parts and accessories from Landfall®. We have everything you need to keep your Club 420 sailboat looking and operating at its best, including Club 420 lines, parts, sails, spars, hulls, accessories and more.

Need a new Club 420 sail? You'll love our great selection of spinnakers, mainsails and jibs for Club 420 sailboats. These low-priced sails by North Sails and other brands come in several colors at Landfall®. We can also help you outfit your Club 420 with new spar fittings, hull fittings and various line and rigging needs. If you would like to inquire about Club 420 parts, accessories or gear for your club or competitive sailing needs, reach out to Landfall® at 800-941-2219 or visit our college, scholastic and team discount page.