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The Grab Bag Book

Your Ultimate Guide to Liferaft Survival

by Frances & Michael Howorth

A grab bag is an essential piece of survival gear, second only to a well-found life raft. A well provisioned grab bag will definitely improve your chances of surviving the initial shock of abandoning your vessel and will improve your chances of surviving until rescue arrives. This book guides you step by step as you put together an effective grab bag.

Contents are categorized for coastal and offshore cruises, hot or cold climates, and short cruises versus circumnavigations.

Included in this comprehensive book is:
  • Advice on what to pack for each situation, where to buy it, and how to use it: sea survival in a nutshell
  • Flow charts to prioritize abandon-ship procedures
  • How to abandon ship safely
  • Immediate as well as long-term techniques for survival in the liferaft
  • Preventing dehydration, hypothermia, wind effect, sunburn, vomiting, salt-water boils, plus many first-aid treatments
  • The essential where, when, and how of liferaft survival

  • The purpose of this unique book is to help you insure your crew's survival in a liferaft. Buy it, build your own grab bag, and be sure you're prepared!

    The Grab Bag Book
    #BX082 $19.95

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