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Boat Swap Boats

Listed below are the used boats and consignment boats that we currently have in stock.

If you see something you like, stop in to our showroom, call us at (203)487-0775 or send us an e-mail to Campbell@Landfallnav.com.

For interested buyers and sellers, We will be accepting consignment boats starting on the 20th of April. Our Tent Sale and Boat Swap event is on April 25th and 26th 2015. Unsold consignment boats will remain on site until the start of the summer season in July

Blue Magic Opti USA 18511

Brand: Blue Magic
Sail#: USA 18511
Color: White Hull, White and Navy deck w/ Yellow accent
Condition: Excellent Racing Condition

Includes: Black Gold Power spar set, Extra Black Gold boom for 2nd sail, North AP practice sail, Jsails Red Racing Sail, Optiparts Epoxy racing foils, Optiparts blade bag, Optiparts top and bottom covers, Optiparts dolly. This is a great racing opti in excellent condition. Comprehensive package for an up and coming racer at the local or national level.


Blue Magic Opti USA 17416

Brand: Blue Magic
Hull #: 137181
Sail #: USA 17416
Color: White Hull, White and Light Grey Deck
Condition: Excellent Racing Condition

Includes: Black Gold Spar set, Jsails Blue Racing Sail, N1 racing foils, Optiparts blade bag, Optiparts Top Cover, Optiparts Dolly, and Thule rack pads. Comprehensive racing package for the sailor ready to take racing to the next level! Ready to race and incredible value, will not last long at this price!!


Blue Magic Opti #17407

Brand: Blue Magic
Hull #: 136285
Sail #: USA17407
Color: White Hull, White and Light Grey Deck
Condition: Excellent Racing Condition

Includes: Black Gold Racing Spars, Jsails Red Racing Sail, N1 Foils, Magic Marine Blade Bag, Optiparts Top Cover, Optiparts Dolly, Magic Marine Bow Bumper. A great starter boat for a loacl club racer or national level sailor.


Blue Magic Opti 17080

Brand: Blue Magic
Hull#: 136290
Sail#: USA 17080
Color: White Hull, White and Light Grey Deck
Condition: Excellent Racing Condition

Includes: Black Gold Racing Spars, Jsails Red racing sail, N1 foils, NO Blade bag, Optiparts Dolly, Magic Marine Bow Bumper, Magic Marine Top and Bottom Covers.


McLaughlin Club Racer Opti #12164

McLaughlin Club Racer Opti
Color= White
Condition= EXCELLENT

Includes: Black Gold Racing spars, Optiparts Club Spars, 1 Club Sail, 1 Olimpic Blue Light Racing Sail, N1 Foils, Spar and sail storage bag, Optiparts blade bag,Optiparts epoxy racing foils. Bottom cover. LOADED OPTI perfect for a new sailor or a great upgrade from a club boat.


McLaughlin Opti 12932

McLaughlin Club Racer Opti
Hull#= 119397
Sail#= 12932
Color= White Hull/ Red Deck
Condition= Good

INCLUDES: Club spar set, Black Gold spar set with 32mm boom. Fiberglass blades. 1x Club sail, 1x Olimpic Blue light racing sail. Bottom Cover, Blade Bag, Dolly.


Winner Opti 130308

This is the world famous "La Tortuga". quite possibly one of the winning-est optis ever built, this opti was sailed to many national and international victories by excellent opti sailors Augie Dale and Cameron Giblin during their meteoric opti racing careers. This Opti is in light retirement now and is ready for a new home with a local beginner or a club level racer.

Brand: Winner
Hull#: 130308
Color: White
Condition: Well Loved

Includes: Black Gold Spars, Full Hull Cover by APS, Far East Blade Bag, N1 Foils. Boat has damage at the bow and needs roughly $200 in repairs.


Winner Opti USA 1438

Brand: Winner
Hull#: 71438
Sail#: USA 1438
Color: White Hull, Red Deck
Condition: Very Good

This opti is in amazing condition for its age. Over 20 years ago this boat was commissioned by Winner Optis in Denmark. The plaque in the boat is from the "IYRU", The governing body of international sailing that preceded the present day ISAF. In spite of its age the hull is in great shape and would be a great boat for a beginner or recreational sailor. Includes: Club sail and spars, Wooden Blades, Optiparts blade bag. A piece of opti history in full working order!!!


Blue Blue International 420

Type: International i420
Year: 2010
Brand: Blue Blue
Builder: Sport Sails Center Poland
Sail/Hull #: 54065

This excellent i420 comes ready to race with a proven winning record. Selden Mast, Several sets of sails, Blade Bag, Spin Poles, Launching Trolly and Top and Bottom Covers. a Turn-Key boat for a sailor fresh out of Optis.

PRICE: $7499

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