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Boat Swap Boats

Listed below are the used boats and consignment boats that we currently have in stock.

If you see something you like, stop in to our showroom, call us at (203)487-0775 or send us an e-mail to johanna@landfallnav.com.

For interested buyers and sellers, please call for details.

McLaughlin Opti # 14276

Make: McLaughlin Club Racer
Sail # USA 14276
Color: White
Condition: Fixer Upper - Needs repair

Club Spars, Club Sail, Optiparts Epoxy Blades

A good boat for a beginner JSA sailor. Please note this boat has some damage to the corners of the bow that if left unrepaired could cause the bow deck to delaminate. estimate $200-$500 to fix professionally.

PRICE: $1900