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Dave Perry's
100 Best
Racing Rules Quizzes

US SAILING #: 71152
Based on The Racing Rules of Sailing

by Dave Perry

Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes highlights specific aspects of the racing rules in an enjoyable format designed to help you become more familiar with The Racing Rules of Sailing. Increase your knowledge of the rules and your racing will improve dramatically as you gain greater confidence making tactical decisions and maneuvering in close quarters. Softcover. 167 pgs.

Author of Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing and Winning in One-Designs, Dave Perry is an All-American Sailor, champion racer and coach, as well as a US SAILING Senior Certified Judge, member of the US SAILING Appeals Committee and Rules Advisor for the United States Olympic Sailing Team.

100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes - 6th Ed.
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