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Join the Race
Committee Team!

ISBN:9781938915369 (50595)

An entry-level training manual for race committees. The standard text for the One Day Race Management Seminar and Race Committee 201 course. Suitable for use by local sailing organizations for training their race committees.

Published by the Race Management Committee of US Sailing

This manual is designed to help people get started as members of a race committee. It is a part of US Sailing's Race Management Committee's efforts to improve the quality of race management throughout the country by providing an easy way for new volunteers to learn the basics overnight. It can also serve as a refresher course for more experienced race committee members.

This is one of the texts for US Sailing's Race Management Seminar which is part of the race officer training and certification program.

This fifth edition is based on The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Join the Race Committee Team!
#BSR008 $5.95

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