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Singlehanded Sailing

The Experiences and Techniques of the Lone Voyagers

By Richard Henderson

Why should the adventures of a lunatic fringe interest all sailors? Because solo wanderers kindle the flame? Pursuing their odysseys far beyond society's pale, they remind us that freedom is possible if we make the requisite sacrifices. And, on a more practical level, what they have to teach is of obvious value to all who occasionally find themselves sailing singlehanded or shorthanded, and to elderly sailors, who can prolong their sailing days indefinitely by the use of labor-saving gear and methods. Henderson offers penetrating insights into the psychology of singlehanders, their vessels, gear, and strategies, plus vivid accounts of emergency experiences alone against the elements. A chapter on "Singlehanding for Everyone," and a provocative conclusion, assess the contributions and possible future of singlehanding. Singlehanded Sailing is a remarkable combination-a how-to book that is also an eloquent contribution to the sailing literature. Softcover. 7 1/4" x 9 1/4". 340 pgs.


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