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HF Radio E-Mail
for "Idi-Yachts"

A Guide for Setting Up and Using Wireless E-Mail Through HAM/Marine SSB Radio

by Captain Marti Brown

"HF Radio E-Mail for 'Idi-Yachts'" includes information on everything you need to send and receive E-mail through an HF (Ham and/or Marine Single Sideband) Radio. The author simplifies the equipment selection process, equipment setup, service provider selection, software setup and all of the steps involved in sending and receiving E-mail through your HF radio. Downloading weather reports, animated GRIB weather forecasts, FTP servers and troubleshooting are also covered. A CD accompanying this book has over 100 informational articles, software programs and data sounds. Spiralbound, 194 pgs. Pub 2003.

Additional Features: Learn how to set up a Wireless HF Radio E-mail System! / Send and receive E-mail through your Ham/Marine SSB Radio! / Keep in touch with family & friends where there are no phones! / Learn about HF radios and Modems before you buy! / Compare features & benefits of HF E-mail service providers! / Access and use GRIB weather files! / Obtain timely weather and tropical cyclone reports! / Find equipment and installation help worldwide! / INCLUDES A FREE CD ROM LOADED WITH SOFTWARE, RADIO SOUNDS & INFO! / Listen to and learn what HF Radio E-mail transmissions sound like! / Troubleshoot your HF radio system! / Worldwide RadioFax stations and frequencies! / Free GRIB weather readers and more software!


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