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Get Your
Captain's License

The Complete Study Guide

by Charlie Wing

Simulate Coast Guard exams with the enclosed AutoExam CD-ROM
  • All required application forms
  • 6,215 exam questions and answers
  • AutoExam software for practice testing
  • 300 illustrations (100 in full color)
  • Concise notes on all exam subjects

  • Here's the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to prepare for the U.S. Coast Guard captain's ratings exams required for anyone who takes paying passengers on a boat, and useful for serious boaters who want to save money on insurance. Includes the six-passenger "Six-Pack," Master and Mate Inland, Master and Mate Near Coastal, and Sail/Auxiliary Sail Endorsement. Every question and answer on the Coast Guard exams--6,215 of them--is provided. Comes with an interactive CD-ROM that will randomly select questions from the database, simulating a real exam, then grade you and tell you what you got wrong. This new edition brings the book up-to-date with the Coast Guard's expanded and altered database of questions and answers. Paperback w/ Exam CD-ROM, 839 pgs. Pub 2008.

    Get Your Captain's License - 4th Ed.
    #BPA009 $69.95


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