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Boye boat knife w/ Marlinspike

The Boye Sheepsfoot has a straight edge and blunt tip and is mostly serrated. The Sheepsfoot design is especially for freeing lines in rough conditions common on boats at sea. This knife is easy to carry and deploy with either hand, from a pocket or a belt sheath, and can be closed and replaced with either hand. It will part virtually any line or any number of them safely. It can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively, as in freeing a fouled prop or line or net.

The Titanium Marlinspike and Shackle Key:
The titanium marlinspike/shackle key is like a second blade - a dull one that can untie knots - small and large - like magic, or separate strands for splicing. It can be used as a pry bar. The swivel anchor is very strong and stops in the open position facing the direction to UNscrew shackle keys that are stuck closed. The flat spike feels good as part of the grip and balances the titanium clip on the other side of the handle.

Everything You Want in a Knife at Sea and Ashore
Extreme cutting and edge-holding
Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade and rocker arm
All parts - blade and fittings - won't rust in salt water
Virtually non-magnetizeable; won't affect a compass
Fast sharpening on an ordinary whetstone
Fine hand-ground blade; .010" - .012" edge
Lightweight, only 2.2 oz
Blade Length: 3"
Handle Length: 4"
Pocket deployment
Slim profile eliminates bulges and bulk
Forged titanium pocket clip
Strong, Zytel handle (fiberglass-filled nylon)
Fits naturally in the hand
Smooth, one hand ambidextrous opening and closing
Blade locks open and snaps closed
Titanium marlinspike with shackle key for rigging (marlinspike)
Quality hand craftsmanship in all stages of fabrication
Essential safety equipment for all seagoing adventurers

Boye boat knife w/ Marlinspike
#SBOYE $239.00

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Sailing / Rigging Knives