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Bowman's Kit

Essential Gear, Tools and Supplies That Only The Serious Bowman Would Use.

Working the Bow Professionally takes years of practice and the right gear. We can't help you with the practice but we surely can make it look like you know what you're doing up there, so count on us to help you gear up like a professional.
First: The Spinlock Mast-pro Harness will have you set up and ready to run the wettest office on the planet.
Only: $159.00
Second: Add the Spinlock Fid for undoing some crazy a$$ knots. This will make your afterguard wonder why they don't buy you more drinks after racing.
Only $39.00
Third: Now don't forget the electrical tape. You'll get one roll in each essential color: Red, Green and White
Only: $6.00
Fourth: Dousing wet sails in a hurry under crazy loads is another reason why only a few are cut out for the pointy end. That's why you'll want to include a 3-Pack of Magic Marine's sticky gloves. These are the absolute best gloves on the planet for dousing spinnakers, jibs and genoas. They also allow your mast man to jump halyards without any slippage they experience with normal sailing gloves...yes even when everything is wet. An absolute essential.
Only: $15.00

This kit is provides the essentials for any real bowman or bow-woman. show up with this gear and you'll impress any skipper and you'll be prepared to smoke perfect for ocean racing or competitive windward-leeward regattas and anything in between.

Altogether the kit will run you $219.00.

The only thing you'll need to add to this is a knife and watch.
But since each of those items are about as personal as underwear, use the links below to explore your choices with those products
Click Here If you want to shop for knives as a compendium to this kit
Click Here If you want to shop for knives as a compendium to this kit

Bowman's Kit-Spinlock Mast-Pro Harness
#SBHM-PSG-KIT List Price $200.00Only $159.00
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