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Landfall's 2017 Boat Swap - Sept. 23 & 24

BOAT SWAP: How Does the Boat Swap Work?

  • Bring in your boat
  • Display & Market
  • Sell your Boat
  • Lets Go!

Pre-Sale Review

  1. Bring in your pre-loved Opti, Laser, 420, Sunfish or other dinghy sailboat.
  2. Our Dinghy Sailing experts will work with you to set a fair market price.
  3. We'll prep it for showcasing in store and on the web.

Marketing Your Boat

  1. We'll have your dinghy on display during the Boat Swap event, where hundreds of people will have the opportunity to see your boat.
  2. Your boat will also be have its own webpage for the entire world to see.
  3. It will also be included it in our email marketing efforts.

After the Sale
You'll Receive a Check from the sale (minus 25% as a fee for marketing your boat)

  • Contact Us to learn More about How Landfall's Boat Swap will sell your dinghy!