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My Boat Notes with CD

by Dave Lynn

"MY BOAT NOTES" is an entirely new approach to boating safety and education. "MY BOAT NOTES" is a workbook that focuses the attention of an owner on the responsibilities of boat ownership, as opposed to the seamanship skills required to operate a boat. "MY BOAT NOTES" walks an owner through the process of examining how thoroughly he or she manages their boat. This is what makes "MY BOAT NOTES" new and practical.

Bookshelves are full of excellent books guiding an owner through a learning experience that teaches the many skills required to operate a boat; rules of the road, boat handling, knot tying, piloting, chart reading, safety equipment, electronics and many, many more. These subjects imply a management roll, but rarely deal with it directly. "MY BOAT NOTES" does. "MY BOAT NOTES" fills that gap.

A major feature of "MY BOAT NOTES" is the introduction of "note cards." Note cards are laminated instructions for guests. They explain how a piece of equipment works; how to start the engines, use the marine radio, or what to do if someone falls overboard. They can be prepared for anything owners feel other people should or might need to know. They are training aids explaining how things are done on this boat. They promote a safer experience out on the water; which, after all, is what boating is all about.

You cannot buy "Boat Notes" for your boat because all boats are different. Boat owners equip their boats differently, use their boat differently and manage their boat differently. Because of this; safety, enjoyment on the water, ease of maintenance, quick resale, and many other factors call for a custom management plan. A document that informs others how things are done aboard your boat. This practical guide walks you through the process of collecting information for your Boat Notes, suggests areas you might include, and provides handy forms to make your job easy. You will produce a unique, custom document that promotes safety and enjoyment for all whom you bring aboard. 8.5" x 11" , 111 pages. Pub 2012.

#BL016 $31.95