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Heroic Rescues at Sea

True Stories of the Canadian Coast Guard

by Carolyn Matthews

A collection of stories of the organization's search and rescue missions from coast to coast. New Zealand native Carolyn Matthews, a former registered counselor, was compelled to write the book while researching the role of grief counselors during the Swissair disaster.

Her account of 34 Canadian Coast Guard rescues provides an excellent synopsis of the full scope of the Coast Guard's diverse role on Canadian waterways. Everything from maintaining buoys to dynamic rescues is covered providing insights into the many challenges the organization faces, often in life and death situations.

The range of her rescue accounts reminds us of the vastness of our maritime resources. Heroic Rescues at Sea is a well-documented tribute to the men and women of the Canadian Coast Guard and the critical role they play in saving and protecting the lives of people who venture onto Canada's abundant lakes, rivers and seas. Softcover. 266 pgs. Pub 2002.


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Disasters at Sea Stories

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