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Fatal Storm

The Inside Story of the Tragic Sydney-Hobart Race

by Robert Mundle
Foreword by James Hardy

A freak storm on December 27, 1998 caught 55 boats by surprise. With hurricane force winds and 80-foot waves, 7 boast were abandoned, five sunk, six sailors drowned, and 55 were rescued by helicopter. This tragedy brought out the weaknesses in many of the safety systems and techniques in common use, which are explored throughout the book. This is the whole story. Set aside some time for this book, because once you start it, you won't be able to put it down. 250 pgs. Pub 2000.

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Fatal Storm

Video FootageVideo Footage
It was a perfect start for the Sydney Hobart û one of the worldÆs great ocean yacht races. The first Mayday calls were received only hours into the race. Testing conditions had suddenly developed into 60 knot winds and mountainous 70 foot swells. What had begun as a battle of tactics and speed had become a race for survival û a race six men would ultimately lose. With exclusive footage from cameras on board helicopters planes and boats this video documents the bravery the terror and the extraordinary rescue effort. 60 minutes.

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