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North U
Cruising Workbook

by Bill Gladstone and John Rousmaniere

The Cruising Workbook covers sailing, cruising, and seamanship topics with a realistic hands-on approach to real-world problem-solving. You’ll learn how to trim for better speed and comfort so you can sail farther, and motor less. The Cruising Workbook puts special emphasis on heavy air sailing, and safety and emergency procedures. You’ll learn how to sail in big winds and seas, how rescue a crew overboard — and how to prevent the mishap to begin with. Other topics include anchoring, docking, navigation, knots, and a series of problems and solutions. A section on night sailing will help make sure you can prepare yourself to enjoy this extraordinary facet of cruising. The North U Cruising Workbook is filled with practical hands on techniques, challenging problems and real-world solutions. Highly recommended. Paperbound, 81⁄2" x 11", 110 pgs.

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North U Cruising Workbook - 3rd Ed.
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North U Cruising Workbook - 3rd Ed. CD-ROMNorth U Cruising Workbook - 3rd Ed. CD-ROM
The North U Cruising CD puts cruising technique in full motion. The CD covers the same topics as the workbook but in a visual multi-media format with fewer words and more visuals. You will see how changes in sail trim change sailing performance and understand why anchor scope is critical to holding. The CD will put you on board at night and show you how to decipher lights in your path. YouÆll be caught in a storm and see how to sail through it. YouÆll learn how to prepare your boat your crew and yourself for cruising in safety and comfort. Runs on PC and Mac.

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North U Cruising Workbook - 3rd Ed. Workbook & CD-ROMNorth U Cruising Workbook - 3rd Ed. Workbook & CD-ROM
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